August 15, 2022

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Starting Your Job As A Lifeguard? Take These Tips Into Consideration

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Starting Your Job As A Lifeguard? Take These Tips Into Consideration

Being on job for the first time can always make you nervous. The job of a lifeguard is a job of responsibility and you are sure to be nervous on your first day or even your first season as a lifeguard.

There are many things that a new lifeguard should know before he starts his job. In this article, we will tell you some tips for a lifeguard when starting his job.

You must keep in mind that being a lifeguard is an important role, not a job. It’s not just about taking care of people and keeping them safe. A lifeguard is a lifeguard because he or she has a responsibility to protect the life of others and to help those who are in danger.

Be Confident In Whatever You Do

You must trust your lifeguard training and have confidence in your abilities. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t qualified. Your pool is yours to rule, and you are the ruler here. The swimmers do not always like your rules, so here are some tips for when guests don’t play nice. You’re setting the tone for how the rest of the pool operates for the summer. Be careful not to say or do something that will get you in trouble if your co-workers catch you doing it.

A Lifeguard Needs To Be A Good Listener.

As a lifeguard, you need to listen to the people who are at the pool or at the beach. The people need assistance and a lifeguard is a person to whom they for any rules and regulations or ask for help, so a lifeguard should be a good listener. A lifeguard should be able to listen to other people and make them feel comfortable and safe.

Have Good Communication Skills

A lifeguard should be able to communicate with people in a clear manner. A lifeguard must be able to clearly understand what people are saying, and also know how to respond to their needs. A lifeguard must be able to understand different languages and speak fluently in order to communicate with people who do not speak English.

Prevent Hazards Before Happening

A lifeguard should try to prevent the hazards from happening so that it does not let anybody get into danger. The job of a lifeguard is to save the lives of people who are in danger and to protect them from getting into danger. A lifeguard should try to teach people about how to keep themselves safe.

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Don’t Be Afraid To Ask Questions 

It is your first day at the job so in spite of getting the lifeguard training you don’t know everything so be advised that don’t be afraid to ask questions from your colleagues.

Keep Safe From The Sun

Being on the beach for some time to have fun and to enjoy the company of your friends is one thing but being there as a lifeguard on duty is totally a different thing. Enjoying the sun for a little while is fun but being there under the sun the whole day needs you to be extra careful. Protect yourself from the sun and make the others also aware to take precautions under the sun because you are a lifeguard and it is your duty.

Keep A Smile On Your Face

The first day on the job can be stressful for a lifeguard, do not let it get on your nerves. Put a smile on your face and keep going, your colleagues know that you are new here so the help will be there. Don’t make yourself burdened with the things you are learning at the job. After all, you have learnt this in your lifeguard training so bring it to use and smile, it will help.


In this writing, we tried to give you some important tips when you are in your first season on the job of a lifeguard. When you undergo the lifeguard training at The American Lifeguard Association, you learn all these things and more to handle all kinds of situations with ease. Be confident and put a smile on your face, the stress will start to disappear, for more tips and training contact American Lifeguard Association.