August 7, 2022

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The EWheels EW-72 – A Review

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The EWheels EW-72 – A Review

With a 4-wheel design and dimensions of 56 inches long x 27 inches wide, you can use this scooter on all types of terrain, even indoors. Unlike others in its class, this unique scooter is equipped with all the necessary accessories for off-road or on-road riding. This unit has a powerful 700W brushless DC motor that can give you an impressive speed of 15 miles per hour.

Equipped with drum brakes on the rear and front wheels, this scooter always offers excellent stopping power and control, so you can feel safe. You can slow down and easily maneuver around corners or obstacles; or stop if necessary. Both the front and rear brakes provide better brake balance that most scooters can’t match.

This unit was designed with comfort and looks in mind. The EW-72 has a soft captain’s seat and fully padded back, bottom and armrests. This unit also has stabilizer bars on the front and back of the unit in case the ride gets a little bumpy. For a look at heavy duty mobility scooters go to Everlasting Mobility.

One thing about EWheels is that they design scooters with a stylish and unique look that you won’t find in other brands. This scooter is sure to impress with its stylish aerodynamic appearance. With its shiny appearance, you’ll have a scooter that people will envy.

This scooter is powered by a 700W brushless DC motor. It can reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour and can travel 43 miles on a single charge. This unit also comes in 3 different colors to choose from: silver, blue or red.

The EW-72 also has powerful drum brakes on each wheel, giving this unit better control and strong stopping power. These brakes give this unit better maneuverability and steering power, increasing your safety when this mobility aid is in use.

It also has shock absorbers to help provide more stability and a smoother ride. The special 4-wheel design also ensures greater balance and stability, giving you the ability to use this scooter indoors and outdoors.

This scooter easily switches to reverse with the push of a button on the console. This simplicity also brings the speed of this scooter as it can also be increased or decreased using an adjustable button that is also located on the console. There are also indicators on the dashboard to let you know how much battery you have left and what your current speed is.

It also features ultra-bright LED headlights at the front as well as taillights to increase your safety and visibility at night. There are also rear-view mirrors for added safety so you can focus on the road ahead.

This sleek mobility scooter also comes with two large storage spaces; one is a hidden storage compartment under the seat, which can only be accessed by lifting the seat, the other is a basket attached to the back of the seat. These storage spaces are great for things like your groceries, your backpack or even your wallet.

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