August 13, 2022

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Why Choose TigrenPWA Over Other Magento PWA Themes? 10 Reasons!

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tigrenpwa theme review

Under the constant stream of technology, the demand for mobile-friendly websites has recently been on the rise. This explains the emergence of PWA in the eCommerce marketplace, particularly in the Magento community. Among several Magento PWA theme providers, TigrenPWA has proved itself to be the leader in delivering this top-notch technology to merchants.

TigrenPWA theme is a comprehensive solution to help businesses convert their Magento 2 websites into Magento PWAs. Below are the top 10 reasons why TigrenPWA theme exceeds all other competitors in the race:

1. TigrenPWA has all the Features of a Typical PWA

Tigren’s Magento 2 PWA theme provides the basic functionality and content of a native application with smooth and high-speed page loading.

Besides, such familiar features as handy push notifications and effortless installation with low data usage are also combined in TigrenPWA.

However, what makes this PWA template distinguishable is its separate design version for mobile devices.

2. It Delivers a Broad Range of Magento 2 PWA Storefront Designs

Everyone knows that a captivating storefront design will appeal to more customers and make a deeper impression on them.

tigren magento pwa theme

When integrated TigrenPWA theme, Magento stores will adopt a modern and elegant design for both desktop and mobile version, thus attracting more potential buyers.

3. It has Exceptional and Unique Features

In addition to the traditional features of a PWA, Tigren’s PWA solution distinguishes itself from other PWA themes for Magento thanks to its advanced features.

One of the most useful ones is improved layered navigation. This feature includes exclusive qualities like multi-selection, price slider, search box, etc. The multi-selecting option lets the customers select several values in each filter option simultaneously. Meanwhile, the price slider helps them filter all the items instantly according to their desired price range.

Handy live chat support, social share & login, and Google Tag Manager & Analytics have also been combined in this theme.

Normally, merchants must pay a large amount of money to add Magento extensions with similar features to their websites. And after converting the websites to PWAs, extra costs are needed to make those extensions compatible with the new PWA storefront. Therefore, if you use the ready-made theme of Tigren, you will doubly save your money.

4. TigrenPWA Theme is Built Based on Magento 2 PWA Studio

Developed from Magento 2 PWA studio, the code of the TigrenPWA theme runs according to Magento’s standards.

Moreover, when Magento 2 PWA studio is updated, Tigren’s theme will automatically sync with the updated version.

5. It is Compatible with Magento Open Source

The recently released versions of Magento Open Source incorporate not only huge platform upgrades, improved security, and performance boost but also hundreds of functional fixes. TigrenPWA has been developed in tune with these versions.

If your website is using a lower Magento version, Tigren also provides Magento migration services at an affordable price.

6. It is the Most Cost-Effective Theme for Magento 2

Although there are various companies that provide PWA themes at a cheaper price, TigrenPWA is delivering the best quality with the minimum spending possible.

In order to build a PWA equipped with the same features as Tigren’s from scratch, you probably need to pay at least $30,000 to your PWA developers and spend 3 months or more for the development.

Considering such a hefty cost, the TigrenPWA theme seems to be the best choice among available Magento PWA theme options.


7. TigrenPWA Theme can be Installed very Quickly

It is estimated to take several hours for Tigren developers to install and configure their PWA theme on a Magento website.

If there are no further demands on design or function customization, the new Magento PWA will be ready to launch.

8. The Installation is Free of Charge

There are some providers who offer PWA templates at no cost to draw attention from prospective clients.

However, they will charge up to $5,000 or even more to install and configure the theme before it can come into use. In contrast, the cost of the TigrenPWA theme already included the installation cost.

9. It Provides a Professional Customer Service

At Tigren, customer support is an utmost prioritization so you can have an enjoyable experience using the company’s services.

A team of technical personnel is always on duty to clear any queries related to PWA integration from business owners.

10. Merchants can Customize TigrenPWA Theme as they Want

Tigren offers theme customization at two levels.

First, you can configure the theme yourself to change basic elements such as fonts, font sizes, colors, header, footer, menu, logo, favicon, store details, CMS pages,… on the website backend with ease.

However, if you want to conduct more complex customization such as alter storefront layouts or add more special features, you can ask for Tigren’s custom PWA development service.

Final Thoughts

It is safe to say that PWA is a prospective innovation in the eCommerce industry that can drive your business success. Among so many Magento PWA development companies, finding one that can offer you the best quality with the lowest price seems to be a difficulty.

Hence, with outstanding features, the TigrenPWA theme undoubtedly is on top of the PWA integration solution list.