May 31, 2024

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Yaru New Capital: The First Major Project in the Qontrac Developments Series of Projects.

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Yaru New Capital: The First Major Project in the Qontrac Developments Series of Projects.

About Compound Yaru

This compound is developed by Qontrac Developments with a partnership with the officers of the General Department of Electricity Police which they were keen to pick a location for Yaru Compound New Capital that is distinguish from the other compounds where is the Eighth Residential District which considered as one of the sophisticated areas in the New Administrative Capital.

In addition to, Yaru Compound has a strategic location where is extremely close to the Presidential Headquarters, the Conference Center, the Embassy District and also minutes away from the Capital Airport as well as to the Government institutions, all the transportations and having an access to all the main axis and roads, for instance: Bin Zayed Axis.

The total area of Yaru New Capital is 37 Arce which contains residential units that are classified into apartments and villas while the remaining of the compound is covered with a green landscape to promote a calm and healthy lifestyle.

Space of Yaru Compound

Qontrac Development made sure to provide a variety of units’ spaces to meet all the customers’ needs and requirements as the residential apartments space in Yaro Compound starts from 70 m² up to 240 m², while the starting space of villas is between 202 m² and up to 350 m².

Prices of Yaru New Capital

When it comes to the prices, Yaru New Capital Compound has the perfect prices for their customers and here’s why:

The starting price of Yaru Compound’s apartment units is 637,000 Egyptian Pounds while the price of the villas units starts from 4,100,000 Egyptian Pounds.

And speaking of the best prices not only Qontrac Developments provides the best prices but also price per meter of the units which the price of the unit can start from 9,100 EGP/Meter.

شقق كمبوند يارو العاصمة الإدارية

Also, not to forget that Yaru New Capital Compound has several ways of payment, here’s some of the payment system:

  • The down-payment can start with 0% of the payment and the rest of the payment can be paid within 7 years of equal installments.
  • 5% of the down payment of the unit of Yaru Compound and the rest of the payment can be over 8 years in equal installments.
  • The installments can reach 10 years while the down payment can start from 10%.

Yaru Compound Facilities

The developer seeks to promote a better lifestyle for their residents by providing the services and facilities that make it easier for them and make their life more luxurious, here’s some of the outstanding facilities:

  • Yaru Compound has the best sports club that is equipped with the swimming pools and jacuzzi, there’s a swimming pool specialized for the ladies.
  • The compound is provided with tracks for cycling, running and walking for the sports enthusiasts who are seeking for a better healthy lifestyle.
  • A commercial mall that serves all the residents which contains restaurants and cafes for the shopping lovers.