June 14, 2024

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Get Your LED Car Light Accessories Today At Suncent Auto

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Get Your LED Car Light Accessories Today At Suncent Auto

LED taillights are one of the most popular aftermarket upgrades for the rear of a vehicle because they simultaneously improve the performance of the rear lighting and improve the appearance of the vehicle. The LED reverse lights are a great addition to the factory reverse bulbs as they are powered by a separate source which increases the light output. Some believe that simply replacing the factory bulbs themselves is enough, but this is not the case.

Aurora LED Light Beam

Several beam types and colours are available for LED reverse lights. Spot beams will be omitted due to the inefficiently narrow beam for reversing lights. Below is our ranking of the ideal light beams for use as reverse lights.

Scene Beam

This beam emits bright light in a unique 120° pattern that makes it wider than the traditional flood beam pattern. The beam pattern effect is created by a special cover that surrounds it.

Combination Scene Pod

Aurora LED Amber Lights

Finding the right mounting location for your LED reverse lights bulbs may seem cumbersome at first, but these lights are easier to install than you might think. One of the easier products to install is cube lights. The LED cube lights are equipped with their own holder, which can be manipulated by 100° in both directions. Installation is modest and can only be done using an electric drill to drill the hole for the bracket. These lights can easily be mounted on the rear bumper or roof rack of your vehicle.

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Aurora LED Light Rotation

Some vehicles are now not equipped with a suitable mounting surface, but there are still options for exterior lights.

Aurora Recessed LED Lights

Recessed LED lights require a little more work, as installation requires cutting into the surface of the vehicle. Tools needed for installation include an electric drill and a cutting tool such as a Dremel, Sawzall, jigsaw or jigsaw. In addition to increasing rearward visibility, recessed lights have the added benefit of instant visibility thanks to their stylish appearance.

The last option for exterior lights is to mount a single-row LED light bar on the rear of the vehicle. Installing one of these can be trickier as it may require special brackets. Now that the mounting location has been chosen, the next step is to find the best way to wire the lights to work. If you are interested in these LED reverse light bulbs, visit our website and place an order for these and enjoy free shipping on SuncentAuto.