August 9, 2022

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Free Charging for Electric Taxi Drivers in Bromsgrove

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Free Charging for Electric Taxi Drivers in Bromsgrove

If you work or live in the Bromsgrove area you will be happy to hear that electric taxi drivers can now get free EV charging. The council have built their first ‘contactless charging point’ which is the first to be installed across the country. The GeniePoint Network rapid charger has been created through a partnership between ENGIE and Bromsgrove District Council.

Low Emissions Strategy

Bromsgrove council have secured a £300,000 funding award from the Government’s Ultra Low Emission Taxi Infrastructure Scheme. In line with their local strategy, they will install a total of 13 charging points across the district. The first rapid charger with two charging points was unveiled on Tuesday at the Windsor Street Car Park and is hoped to be used by taxi drivers and motorists alike. Registered taxi drivers will be able to charge their EVs free for the first year and substantial discounts are expected for the next nine years.

What the Locals Drivers Say?

The council hope the new rapid chargers will encourage both taxi drivers and other motorists to switch to electric. Drivers have previously been put off by a lack of charging points both nationally and locally. Manos Passaris was the first taxi driver in Bromsgrove to switch to EV back in 2004 and he said he said the savings were amazing. His fuel bill cut from £7,000 a year to £700 for electricity.  “It will make a huge difference to us as I usually have to go home to charge and now I don’t need to.”

Another EV taxi driver, Peter Butler turned electric over three years ago and said he previously struggled to find a charging point.  He stated, “It’s been an ongoing battle led by Manos and luck for us, the council got involved, the grant was awarded and this is going to be a great improvement for everyone in Bromsgrove.”

Our EV Range

At cab number we’ve noticed that hybrid and electric taxis have become more popular and we’ve recently expanded our range introducing two new EVs and a Plugin Hybrid from MG.  There’s the MG ZS an electric hatchback with a range of 163 miles or the MG5 Estate with a range of 214 miles. In our electric taxi range, we also offer the Leaf and e-NV200 Combi from Nissan, the Hyundai IONIQ and the Kia e-Niro.